Sculpt a Zombie Kit


*Order online and pick up at the studio!

BRAINS. BRAINS! BRAAAIINSSSS!!! Brains are an important part of a healthy breakfast for Zombies, not so much for us normies. Zombies and brains are however,  super fun to make from Ditto clay! Make a Zombie, make a zombie bunny, make them glow... and make yourself a proper non-brain based breakfast.

Included in our Sculpt a Zombie Oven-Bake Clay Kit:

  • Four 50 gram pieces of Ditto Oven-Bake Clay: black, red, green. and GLOW!
  • A step by step guide. Our simple instructions are created with care, so don’t worry, you or your kids will have no problem-o following along to make your clay creation!


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