September Workshop

Autumn Paint By Numbers

Join us for this 1-part workshop!

Inspired by the gorgeous Autumn Foliage painting by Tom Thomson from 1919, we will honour the beloved painter who helped to shape the Canadian artistic identity. And here's the best part: you don't need to worry about staying inside the lines! This painting is perfect for beginners and for anyone who wants to try something new or make something beautiful for their home. Who says trees can't have purple leaves? – It's your artwork, and we celebrate creativity in all its forms!

Workshop Details

There's something undeniably magical about autumn in the Great White North. Inspired by the majestic wilderness of Canada’s shimmering lakes, we'll learn to wield our brushes and mix paints to recreate the magic of the northern landscape we call home. Join us in the studio for a beautiful autumn painting and celebrate the turning of the leaves. 🍂🍁

Our workshops are not just about the finished painting, but rather about cherishing the process, savouring each brushstroke, and enjoying quality time with your loved ones. You’ll love learning about the colour wheel, colour mixing and different brush techniques to recreate a Canadian masterpiece. 


Instructor Guided:1 hour of instruction, stay up to 1 hour after to finesse.


Self-Directed Video:You choose the time. We recommend 1.5-2.5 hours.


Adult: 15+ / Family 6+


11" H × 14" W

Techniques & Materials

Techniques: painting

Materials: acrylic paint, canvas, brushes

Workshop Timeline

1 part workshop

Step 1

Choose from instructor guided or self-directed.

Draw the outline of painting.

Step 2

Paint it in!

Pick Up

2 days later—pick up!

Who is Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson (1877–1917) holds a profound significance in Canadian culture. He is one of the greatest Canadian artists ever, yet much of his life remains a mystery. He is not only an artist but a symbol of the untamed spirit and awe-inspiring beauty of the Canadian wilderness. His art captures the essence of the vast landscapes, untrodden forests, and shimmering lakes that define the Canadian identity.

As one of the early pioneers of Canadian art, Thomson played a crucial role in shaping the Group of Seven, a renowned collective of artists who celebrated the unique landscapes of Canada. His bold and vibrant paintings, characterized by their vivid colours and expressive brushstrokes, captured the raw energy and emotional power of the Canadian wilderness. He loved painting the trees, forests and lakes of Ontario, especially in Algonquin Park. He was an accomplished outdoorsman, fisherman and canoeist. While he painted, he also earned a living as a guide in Algonquin Park, a lifestyle that freed him to work in the natural setting he loved.

Instructor Guided vs Self Directed

Instructor Guided

Self Directed


A few amazing projects to choose from at a certain day and time


8 amazing projects to choose from at any workshop time

Professional Materials

Professional Materials

Private Space

A private class in an area of the studio, you want to concentrate on following steps

Communal Space

Communal space, other activities may be happening, great if you want to just make art and be social

Set Duration

You must be on time or you lose your paid & booked time, we know it is harsh but the instructor cannot restart the demo

You Choose Your Duration

You choose the duration. If you are late, you will not be able to make up the missed time and will not be credited or refunded but can still join in

Instructor Guided

An instructor is demonstrating the steps live. The instructor is present in the room to facilitate, demonstrate, and pace the class. Ideal for people who are new, or like the presence of a hands-on art instructor to answer questions and guide them

Tablet Instruction

Follow the project steps through videos on a tablet. Class is self-directed and people go at their own pace. Ideal for people who have attended a workshop in this medium before and want to chat with friends and work at their own pace.

(You still have to follow the projects, this is not “open studio time”)

"The Canadian wilderness is a canvas of untouched beauty, where nature paints its most breathtaking landscapes."



How do you book?

Simply select your workshop and book on the workshop pages.

Age requirements

Workshops are for ages 6 and up. For kids ages 6-12, they must be accompanied by a paid adult participant. No observers. Please, no children under the age of 6. After 6:00 pm, workshops are for ages 16 and up exclusively.

Can I book for a workshop party or get-together?

Just enjoying an afternoon at the studio, getting a group of friends together to celebrate, booking for your team, or just enjoying some family time. Whatever you need! Please note, the studio is a communal space so make sure to book a spot for anyone attending and know that there will be other people in the studio unless you book the whole studio. We also have event options if you have a group.

What happens if I need more time?

No big deal! Just come back another day! You can book more time at the current workshop rate for another day. We cannot guarantee you can stay after the initial workshop time has ended, as we often need the space for the next activity or class. Please note, no credits or refunds for unused time.

As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece. The workshop timelines are created based on our experience in running workshops for many many years but everyone works at their own pace.

Do you offer walk-ins?

Sure, if there is space but there is likely not space so … maybe just book. :)

​​What are your policies?

Please read here.

​​Workshop offerings

Each workshop is offered for 1 month and they fill REALLY fast. So if you see a time you want, we recommend booking asap. :)

At the Workshop
What should I wear?

Dress for mess! We are an art studio and paint can be lurking around any corner and jump on you. We use professional materials and art supplies which means paint may stain clothing, shoes and jackets. Bare feet (or socks without shoes) are not permitted anywhere in the studio. We do not provide smocks, footwear, or shoe covers. Please wear appropriate footwear. We are not responsible for damage to clothing or personal belongings. Please leave the ball gowns and tuxedos at home.

What happens when we arrive?
It is good to be approximately 5 minutes early so you can get started on time. When you arrive you will be greeted by an instructor and then seated as soon as possible. 
Can I just take the materials home to finish?
Sorry, we do not offer this option.
Can I make whatever I want?
Our workshops are not “open studio" time. Everyone needs to stick to the project they signed up for & follow the sizing guidelines. There is always room for artistic flourishes to make the project unique to you. Please talk to your instructor about your idea.
When can I pick up my art?

Please message us through the home page of our website and choose the question—"Is my art ready for pick up?" An automated message will tell you our current clay firing and drying times.

Please check our contact page before coming to the studio to make sure we are open. We check our chat messages as often as possible. Please don’t send a chat, phone us, and also send an email. We promise we will get back to you!

How do I know my artwork is ready?

Most projects are ready to be collected from the studio within 2 days, except kiln-fired clay. Projects must be picked up within 2 weeks of completion. Storage space is limited.

Kiln-fired clay will be ready approximately 1 week after glazing. Feel free to ask your instructor current approximate firing times.

Clay and Glazing
Clay workshops
Clay needs to be fired in the kiln before you can glaze (paint) your ceramic. Check the workshop description to see if the workshop has an additional glazing time required. These are booked separately and at an additional cost. You can book multiple glazing times if needed.
What should I know about about clay workshops?

Sometimes things happen …

  • Sometimes clay breaks, it just does—pieces fall off
  • Sometimes things move in the kiln and there may be a mark on your piece
  • Sometimes glaze doesn’t behave as expected
  • Sometimes art takes more time than you may think
  • Sometimes instructors get ill, and we need to run with less staff than planned
  • Sometimes it takes a while to find the information from a gift card from many years ago
  • A child will cry, be loud or not listen. They do that. They are all good. Parents are trying their best
  • You will need to follow the templates and sizing, too big means more kiln or storage space, too small means likely to get lost
  • If you don’t write your first and last name and the date clearly on your piece, expect for it to get lost or mistakenly picked up by another with the same name
  • Adults—The workshops are for fun and social time. It is not a replacement for art school.
  • Sometimes we have to dispose of artwork if it is not picked up within 2 weeks
  • Sometimes it may take a minute or two to find your art piece
  • Sometimes there are mixups
  • Sometimes your name may get covered in the firing process
  • We will fire things in the kiln as quickly as we possibly can. We need a full load to run the kiln and sometimes things need extra time to dry before they can be placed in the kiln or they will explode
  • Sometimes clay explodes.
  • Art supply costs are really high, rent is high, shipping is high, overhead is high, if you miss your workshop or call the day of your booking to cancel, the space was still set aside for you and we cannot offer a refund or credit.
  • We are unable to offer a refund, credit, or make up session in the event of clay breakage.
  • You will need to make just the maximum number of pieces when we specify.
  • If you overwork the clay or add too much water it will cave in or crack. Follow the time guidelines and instructions as best you can.
  • If you have never done art before, you will need to practice and accept it won’t be perfect on your first try. Come back many times, practice and enjoy the process.
  • If you are late, yes, it will feel like there was not enough time.
Can I glaze more than one thing at a time?

You are welcome to glaze multiple items at a time. Glazing time is priced as workshops. You can glaze more than one piece during your glazing booking, time permitting. Maximum 2 dip glazing pieces per hour of booked studio time in order to cover glazing and kiln costs.

For example, if you book an hour of glazing, and can finish glazing 2 pieces from 2 different building or throwing sessions in that hour glazing session—that is great!

Please understand in order to cover professional glaze and second firing costs we are not able to credit or refund unused time if you are able to finish glazing early.

Can the studio glaze the item for me?

Yes, $17 per piece plus tax if you would like us to glaze your clay for you. This is not available for hand glazed, decorative pieces.

Oven-Bake Clay Workshops
What should I know about about oven-bake clay workshops?

Sometimes things happen …

  • We use Ditto Polymer Clay, which is an incredibly malleable oven-bake clay that comes in many colours
  • Baking in the oven hardens the creations, making them durable and long-lasting
  • Sometimes however, if not handled well after baking, oven-bake polymer clay can break, pieces can fall off. It is not a toy even though it can look like it! If handled roughly it will break.
  • Sometimes art takes more time than you may think
  • You cannot take materials home to finish the workshop
  • You will need to follow the sizing and project guidelines
  • There is no credit for finishing early
  • If you don’t write your first and last name and the date clearly on your piece, expect for it to get lost or mistakenly picked up by another with the same name
  • Sometimes we have to dispose of artwork if it is not picked up within 2 weeks