What to expect—7 things to know before summer camp

What to expect—7 things to know before summer camp

Jun 07, 2023Joey Simon

Hello Friends!

Are you and your young artists excited about the upcoming art summer camp? Get ready for a week full of creativity, learning, and fun! To help you and your child make the most of this exciting experience, we've put together some tips and guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable camp journey. Let's dive in!

1. Fuel for Creativity

Remember to pack 1-2 nut-free, healthy snacks and a labelled water bottle to keep those artistic juices flowing. We want to ensure everyone has the energy they need to dive into their art projects.

2. Lunchtime Delights

If your child is attending the full-day program, please pack a delicious and healthy (as much as possible - sugar-free) packed lunch for them. Around noon they can take a break, refuel, and recharge for an afternoon filled with artistic wonders. We'll provide a supportive and social lunch break environment for them to enjoy with their fellow campers.

3. Leave Distractions at Home

To create a focused and immersive artistic atmosphere, we kindly ask that you leave toys, stuffed animals, iPads, and pets at home. These distractions can interrupt the creative flow and may accidentally end up with paint on them. Let's keep the focus on the wonderful world of art!

4. Dress for Mess

We believe in the power of hands-on exploration, which means things can get delightfully and very messy! Remember to dress your child in comfortable clothes that can withstand acrylic paint, clay, and other art materials. It's best to assume that stains may not come out.

5. Art History Comes to Life

Our instructors are passionate about art and art history. Throughout the camp, your child will have interactive learning experiences that introduce them to various cultures, art movements and famous artists. They'll get to explore and appreciate art through engaging activities and discussions. Get ready for their creative minds to be inspired!

6. A Day of Creativity

During a full day at camp, your child will have the opportunity to create 2-3 different art projects. We believe in providing a diverse range of experiences, allowing them to experiment with various mediums and techniques. From paintbrushes to clay tools, their artistic toolbox will expand as they delve into their projects.

7. Lasting Memories

Above all, we want your child to have an unforgettable experience at our summer camp. They'll make new friends, discover their artistic talents, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to witness their growth as young artists!

As you prepare for this exciting journey, keep these tips in mind. We're thrilled to have your child join us for an art-filled adventure at our summer camp. Get ready to watch their creativity soar and their love for art blossom. Let's make this summer one they'll always remember!

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